DVELL is a unique improvising theatre company of five artists based in Trondheim, Norway. We work together building mysterious worlds, dismantling them, building them anew using sound, poetry, scenography, experimental writing, performance and visual art. Our collaborative process has grown partly from our individual art practices but primarily through working together over the years exploring a new kind of theatre, questioning what it is to be present on stage with each other. Our performances are both intimate and epic with the visual mystery of arcane ritual and the familiarity of an everyday greeting. Things grow and change like mould, memes, or potatoes.

The group was formed around the long standing collaboration between poet Arild Vange and guitarist Neil Davidson and includes visual artist and author Kristin Lian Berg, percussionist Kyrre Laastad and improvising actor Frode Eggen. Four members of DVELL first worked together on Variasjoner over Fellesegget by Kulturbryggeriet, produced by Avant Garden for the Propellen festival in 2011. Since then the group has performed in Trondheim, Oslo and Munich. Our large scale improvised theatre performance improvisasjon person was performed in early 2014. We are now working on a new production for Teater Avant Garden, Trondheim to be premiered in October 2016.

Texts about DVELL:

I’m Sick of Symbols – Suzanne Bordemann in Litteratur inter artes. Nordisk litteratur i samspill med andre kunstarter. Unni Lngås og Karin Sanders (red.) Portal forlag 2016


Das Gedicht als Plastik

Teater i samspill med publikum

Improvisasjonsteater fenger

Texts related to DVELL

Neil Davidson Arild Vange Psykick Dancehall 2012

contact: mail@dvell.no
phone: (+47)47879835